Who We Are

Launched in 2020, Bad & Boujie was founded by two ambitious women who strongly believe in studying the positives and embracing every fortunate stroke of serendipity with open arms. Designing these bold and dainty eyelashes to empower women and emancipate their opinions was nothing more than just a matter of fate that had dawned on them.

Our Mission

We aspire to consign you with our flawless collection of magnificent lashes, avoiding cases of an overly faux appearance and promising a flourishingly natural look throughout your day. Our lashes are crafted exclusively to tackle those girly problems and provide you with a soothingly arousing experience. Respecting all your rational concerns and keeping in mind the welfare of our customers, Bad & Boujie also ensures trouble-free application of the lashes and vows to certify them as easy, gorgeous and effortless as they can be.

With a fierce soul, a brave heart, and a strong mind, we believe that every women is bestowed with fearlessly heroic traits and all that she would ever require is a gentle push. So ladies, put on these daring lashes, look a challenge dead in the eye and give it a wink, for now, together we are fully prepared!


Bad & Boujie Ltd
Reg no.: 12705079
71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden
London, WC2H9JQ
United Kingdom